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    Tien Model...eventually for ESF

    cool model! oh i think this model is Great!!... it looks better from Picture to picture, and the details gettin better every time! Its a good model!:yes: :) :yes: @esf team i think its a real great model...for next beta??, it would be great too see an Tien model in a Mod, not a skin, a...
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    Dueling Key.

    ohh i love this idea..... and i love JK2 , too becouse the Duel-Key and duel mode..... its better becouse... 1. nobody can interupt in a melee fight 2. i think everbody loves some like that 3. hehe, I WANNA IT!!! hehe:rolleyes:
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    Fighting without Ki

    OH i think this is a really good idea!!!!:yes: im tired about that..... always fall down when ki is out..... ITS A REALLY GOOD IDEA!!!! THINK ABOUT IT ESF TEAM!!! ;D:p :yes: :yes:
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    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    @Areku hehe, i have a lot of different races around me... can you speak only a little bit.... My Mother is Japanese...but she live since sche 2 Years old in Germany at her Uncle....., but i learning a bit with my Uncle from Tokyo.., hehe and i totally not like a Japanese from...
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    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    hehe, ok i don´t have a problem wit that...from where you are??
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    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    lol i have this name ... ca. 17 Years of my Life! im an Half- Japanese, Half - German, i dont really look like a Japanese Guy but when you see my mother you know it...its my 2nd name... "Alexander Areku Marian B.."
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    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    everybody knows.... but i think when no-one posts bugs and so...its not good the ESF the want to make it better that everbody loves it more...and more..... the BETA 1 is really Cool and everybody thinks that too..... but whan no-one say one thing about that things, then can´t ESF - team make...
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    commands for esf

    em look that some peopz dont know that! - go to console - type some like "sv_g" in it - then hit the "tab" button you can look for all comands..... every push on "tab" changes the comand in console! TAB = the button next to Q (not W, hehe) the button with the...
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    ssj2? ssj3?

    Super Saiyan are only in US version the Oriiginal Name is Super Saiyajin in Germany we have this name too and i find its better, but just in the right Languages, in English is saiyan even better,.....but i like the Saiyajin you wanna hear it??? listening to the track from Jeru Tha...
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    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    ------------MODELS--------------- hmm em all MOdels are really Great!!!!! my Favorite are Goku and Vegeta..... but my Favorite DBZ Chara is still Gohan.... yes he needs more!!!! 1.better Haircut normal&SSJ 2. more muscle´s 3. the Clothes are not Wide enoucgh soooo and i think the...
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    HI em, i want play my map..... but when i have made one .....i connect will choode a chara....end then it kick me out to console and say something about a "Trackerul.dll" i had searched on my Harddisk...... i dont find that Sh** dll file. PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!!!:cry: