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    lifting up house thingy?

    ok then how did that person do it????
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    lifting up house thingy?

    on the home page of esforces the picture of the week thing shows freeza or however u spell his name lifting up one of there house thingys with rock i tried to do that and it didnt work is there something im supposed to be doing instead of going up to it holding down left mouse button because all...
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    um whats all this talk about hacks for esf?

    do people just say other people are cheating because they cant admit they got killed by another player? or are there really hacks for esf if there are what do you look for to tell if people are hacking
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    It wont work when i try to insert a signature

    everytime i click the insert image thing and i put the title of one of my pictures that i have "CRF80F" and i save it nothing happenz am i doing anything wrong???
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    people join my server then there name gets changed to [sbot] "name"

    and also they talk like bots and stuff but i dont add any its really weird cause there not bots because when i open up the bots menu to kick them they dont get kicked is there something i can do cause this is a bit weird
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    People cant join my server because they cant d/l my namek.wad

    Is there a way i can let people download my namek.wad because people cant join my server because of it when i have the map on esf_cellarena_b3.bsp i think its called can someone tell me how i can let them download it please?
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    or you could put nothing instead of x i had the same exact problem same map everything i just put nothing there no number no letter it worked for me
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    Adding a new Character

    well he said just for his use and he doesent have to let everyone know what hes doing or how hes doing it but an amount of people could fiqure out what he was doing and do the same thing but I think if he wants to make a custom character go for it
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    I have 1.2.3 and people with 1.2.2 can connect to my server

    Is it just me or is it compadible with everyone else 2? i have had people that claim they have 1.2.2 while they can connect to my server thats weird is it just my esf or everyone elses like that?
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    when i lose a bit of health and i decend my health goes down

    i lose a health point even if i dont get hit again..............thats not right
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    How do I get an image in my signature?

    Hey I see people with images for thier signature how can I do that? :D
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    when i lose a bit of health and i decend my health goes down

    ummmmmmm for me thats a little confusing but is there a command I can use to prevent that?If I cant and you were trying to tell me this can you use like um non-confusing words
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    when i lose a bit of health and i decend my health goes down

    Is there something that I'm doing wrong It happens to my friends that play on my server also is there a command enabled that I have to turn off? I really dont like it its annoying. O_O
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    ESF1.3 Transformation

    Thats a great idea I hope they do it in 1.3