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    Star Citizen

    @phrack50 nice fleet 👍 I only have the standard aurora XD
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    It's part of the template style, could be done
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    I like round avatars, maybe elliptical shapes would be better 🤔
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    Hello 👋

    Hello 👋
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    Solo Leveling Manga

    Looks pretty interesting, reminds me of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
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    I like the new forum

    Very interesting.
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    I like the new forum

    It looks pretty slick, better than XenForo 1.x too. :)
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    Check it

    Looks alright, but it's just a gif :)) You gotta edit it and add something by yourself to make it a really cool signature.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Brenker, did you play The Witcher? Good series from the same company, I'd recommend playing it until Cyberpunk 2077 releases. ;)
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cool game, day 1 buy for me probably XD I really like the Cyberpunk open world setting and it's made by CDProjekt :yes: Also here's a 1 hour gameplay video:
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    What's up?

    What's up?
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    Updated KI Pool System - LSSJ/Bandit

    Suggestion from LSSJ of an updated KI System: Please reply only with real critique.
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    To the Devs: How do you guys create the particles/effects of spells/magic?

    A custom particle engine is being used which has a tool to create Particle effects. The textures themselves are created in Photoshop. Dunno about their creation though.
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    Payments Please

    Come on discord to have a talk. You can find the invite link on the homepage as a button.