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    Where is everyone playing??

    I can confirm this.
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    I think it looks weird tbh :o
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    Spidey 2

    looks wicked.. but the white text doesnt fit.. gimme a link to that stock i wanna try some stuff with it too!
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    I use the pen tool for rendering.. it's a lot of work.. and i used to be too lazy to do it.. but it's really satisfying when you succesfully rendered a nice image.
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    Sig of the Week Revival?

    i am up for it.. but looking at the date this post was created.. idunno if we can pull it off
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    New Style Attempt

    I feel that it misses something...
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    I miss alot of players, Carnage, KartSah, Raikhan, Opal Fruit, Master_Roshi, Hadiddam, Merce , Unluckychez, Sephize , Omni, DranZer (kadaj), Soul, Alex, Sarutobi Sensei.. yesh even Drew... :(
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    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    i disagree, i enjoyed the style of animation.. gives it a higher value in my opinion.. but oh well.. ive seen much more anime in weird styles.. maybe that helps.
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    SSJ2 Teen Gohan Vs Broly

    i think SSj2 gohan would rape em both at the same time
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    New to Esf

    ESF 1.2.3 is dead too, handful of Eu and US servers.. new people get pwnt by the veterans.. when newbs ask for help.. only a few pro's help them out.. usually they get ignored and owned further.. plus no newb is being guided to some kind of tutorial.. they play "for the first time" and realize...
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    So I Watched Football Today

    check here for my opinion, which i share with mr John Cleese
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    yo spunk wassup

    yo spunk wassup
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    question for ESF Team

    who cares about amount of different char's .. goku owns all
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    what i meant is that u used a better signature back in the day.. No offense to the designer

    what i meant is that u used a better signature back in the day.. No offense to the designer
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    Holy **** Update

    Ants.. well i used to bomb those suckers with denatured alcohol.. put a match to it and watch em buuuurn hell yes! advise: don't do this inside your home..