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    Open Beta Released & Promo Vid!

    Ok how do i install it? Oops, sorry. I put it in the wrong folder hehe. Got it now.
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    Modeling Competition 6 - You?

    Can I make a wizard or should I stick to the reality?
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    Found a funny picture

    I thought so too that its her index finger, but its still funny.But if it just isn't drawn too bad then its a rather odd way to hold your thumb.
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    Found a funny picture

    I was just watching dbz again and I saw this
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    Shouldn't Bardock be in heaven?

    And Vegeta didn't get to heaven just because he was evil.He did sacrifice himself to save the day from the big evil pink guy, but he failed to destroy him, so he actually didn't do anything good.
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    The "Make Me Laugh" game

    I don't know all about english and I'm not sure if it means the same thing but in Estonia, giving a hand means giving your taughter to marry someone. Stupid Ivan returns to the king and speaks:Here is the dragon's head, will you keep your part of the bargain. The king replies:Of course, here...
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    Good quotes

    'Stupidity, it's a very serious quality' 'Don't try to beat a dumb man in stupidity, because he will beat you with experience' 'You don't have to do anything in school' All got from my teachers who I respect so much.
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    My IQ...

    Hey, you`re making a fool of me lol :).I didnt`t ever say that I belive my iq is 188 or i anwsered 8 questions more than asked.I showed it to show how funny those internet iq tests could be.
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    My IQ...

    Of course I am a genius.I`m living in Estonia! Elagu Eesti geeniused!!!
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    My IQ...

    I tried this test and got this: Hello raido uudel Your age adjusted IQ score is 188 and the average score is 100. Your IQ score is the result of a formula based on the number of questions answered correctly on the test. This score has been further adjusted to account for the...
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    I`ve heard that a long time ago, when i was younger, I liked it because it was funny, I still kinda like the lyrics, but I don`t like the music.
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    501 Signs you are overexcited about ESF 1.3

    424.A really stupid one now, yay:You wait for 1.3!!!
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    Some new moves

    Well, yes, but I just felt like I should post it just for fun.
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    Some new moves

    I started to watch the series again a while ago and I noticed that Krillin and Piccolo had that multiform technique.Maybe this is not possible to make in the game, but I just suggested.But there`s one more thing.Vegeta used Kienzan in episode 26 to cut gohans tail.Maybe you could add that...
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    First Character you will choose in 1.3

    If there will be young Trunks and Goten buddies,then i would try all of the other new guys, then Vegeta and i really can´t wait to see Goku transforming to SSJ 3 so Goku`s next and then I`ll just randomly choose some other characters.