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    Post Your Desktop... Yet Again...

    Why do you guys have your right moniter as your primary? bolteh and PcJoe, I like mine on the left.
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    Post Your Desktop... Yet Again...

    My bad lol
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    New wow patch

    From what I understand in the Burning Crusades, they will not allow most ui's anymore so you'll need to get used to it.
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    AWESOME BF2142 Demo screenshot!!!

    So far it's pretty fun, the vehicles are pretty cool. Also no problems at for me yet besides for some sniping issues. When looking far away the people sometimes dissapear and come back.
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    New WoW Thread!

    and a hunter I just started
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    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    I think he was kidding lol... Couple new things, feet, shield, main wep...nothing special.
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    Were are you from?

    So-CAlifornia , downey
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    What lvl can you get to?

    Finished all, prettty hard. 16 was deff the hardest.
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    Criss Angel

    The way he levitates, is with some special baggy pants which are split in half on one leg, he then opens that split in the leg lifts his leg out of the shoe which is attached to the pants and puts his foot on something higher that he would levitate on. He than just straightens his leg and from...
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    Show off your desktop o/

    I like it clean. 17in. + 19in.
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    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    Your game should run fine with settings on low or medium, but in instances/battlegrounds you may get some lag.
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    Official Summer Jobs Thread

    Im still searching for a job, any suggestions on some that pays decent.
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    Carlos Mencia

    I've heard alot of stuff about him, how he is a fake and how he isn't even mexican from different sites and i've even heard Joe Rogan say these things. I never found him funny, one site I found stuff on was .
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    Ways to browse from work... is a fun one, just cilck on the picture on the top left and it will take you to another page which you can go to any site you want. Disguised!