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    Then how about we have a nostalgic adventure with ? Such as: ;p "You last visited: 02-15-2005" Dang...
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    "Just call me Parker...Peter Parker!"

    jimmy cracks corn and I don't care. :fight: Edit: Holy crap, my account still works!
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    []D [] []V[] []D My Ride!

    :no: Those are mostly illegal (in the USA) and IMO, tacky and unattractive.
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    []D [] []V[] []D My Ride!

    If you want it to "look nice" I would start with some detailing. From the pics, your paint looks like it has some oxidation,etc. Wash, clay bar, polish and wax your car to make the paint look new again. (If not better) Here are some tips.
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    Initial D Live Action Movie!

    Good. :P A while ago Jackie Chan was going to direct an ID movie, it got cancelled I belive. From seeing his past racing movies like Thuderbolt, I think he would of done a great job.
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    Which anime is the best?

    Evangelion. Btw, the Love Hina anime isn't really good when you compare it to the manga.
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    Naruto on GameCube

    I doubt it, all three systems use differnt coding. Wonder why it takes a while to do a simple port?
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    NES just wtfpwn my self esteem

    There's also: B, A, B, A, up, down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A, Start. :P
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    NES just wtfpwn my self esteem

    People these days like easy games that dont fustrate them. Look at Viewtiful Joe, people complained that it was too hard. Now they're releasing an updated Viewtiful Joe that is easier to please the crowd.
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    Naruto on GameCube

    -SSB has throws (3 types) and evasions (ground and mid-air) -Reguarding you "SNES" controller comment. The Gamecube has a controller that is similar to the SNES controller. It's called the Hori Pad. Also, if controllers is an issue between console systems, the X-box and GCN have PS2...
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    Naruto on GameCube

    It's still a fighting game. ;p It just has differnt gameplay and allows up to four players.
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    Naruto on GameCube

    -Who cares if it seems to lack a mature base? Games arn't only for the older crowd. And I dont see the GCNs version of BMXXX cencored like the Ps2 version. -Panasonic Q = Gamecube with a dvd/cd player. -Phantasy Star Online 1+2 and now 3 are official online games for the GCN -Mario Kart...
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    dragon ball Z Games Listing

    Here are some that you missed SNES: Hyper Dimention PC: DMZ GCN: Budokai
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    whats the funniest anime?

    Comedy= GoldenBoy. The End. kenshin, a comedy? mmmmmm... Excel saga and Ebichu too. :D -- Note: Ebichu is like a Japanese version of South Park. So dont watch it around your parents, etc.
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    If you compare the fastest Mustang to a regualr R34, it isn't exactly fair. The Skyline you comared it to is the basic GTR and is 4 years older then the Mustang. Lets compare it to the fastest stock production Skyline, the N1. The N1 engine is not resticted to meet legal regulations like the...