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    Reply to PCJoe

    Need to lighten up lol. This whole forum does. Can't u spot a joke post when u see it? Or maybe that was the joke on me, hmm ya all acting serious about it, tricky devils ye be.
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    *GASP* PCJOE not working??? Yet PLAYING!! OMG!!

    Hey what up PCJOE, told u i would post. Yes thats right folks, PcJoe has changed games! I got the lkittle sucker playing around in JK2!! (Jedi Knight 2) Why he has free time to play! what does that mena for his dudties? Hes slacking! The poor guy, i guess everyone going to have to lynch him...
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    I didn't know the filter had a option like that, ill check it out.
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    9 views and not single IP addy. Come on help a player out, i did the complete list, and unfortunely, didn't see anything with es on the map tag. so um, IPS!!
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    Ok maybe i just missed it, but um, is there a page with server IP's anywhere? Can anyone give me IP's to servers? I have a 48 k connect, which is not the best to be wading thru 5 tho + servers, looking for probably about 10 or 15 that run this particualr mod. So any IP's that could be given...