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    Which do you think is the best FF game in the series?

    I think 10 or 6, but 10 is my favorite. I can't wait for the sequel.
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    An idea for transformations...

    I like your ideas. They would be good transformations. Piccolo could also have a fusion with nail.
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    Goten and Trunks

    I think they should have kid Gohan and adult Gohan in the game, and kid Trunks and adult Trunks. You can't say its confusing having them because in the game you can choose any char. and that means you can have multiple people as the same char. That is realy more confusing. At least these will...
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    The Zanzoken Attack?

    I think the lock is a good thing. In DBZ Char. can sense people and get greater eye sight as they get stronger, so the lock on is good because you can't see people like you should any other way. I do like the idea of the lock staying on the after image too. I also think that a lock should be...
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    Why not?

    I don't understand why esf can't have movie charachters or dbgt charachters. I would understand not doing it while it isn't even in the beta stages yet, but it sounds to me like you will never use anything from the movies or dbgt. I just think it might make the mod better later on if you add in...