View Full Version : Some Ideas

Jan 11th, 2002, 11:52 PM
Only three attacks really bug me in this Mod right now:

- Piccilo's eye laser, which takes off too much health for the energy it uses, and piccilo is still completely mobile while using this attack.

- The distructo disks can be thrown, then the weapons changed from and back to the disks, then another can be thrown. This allows some pain for a one hit attack that doesn't need to be charged. Did anyone else notice that in the Garlic JR. saga the Destructo disks didn't work? And even again perfect cell had one hit him on the back of the neck and it did nothing....

- DBZ is known for the very fast fighting scenes, yet the punches and kicks in this games could be soooooo much more fun if they maybe knocked people back if they weren't blocking, making the punches & kicks a lot faster and making them more powerful.

Another suggestion I have for ESF is to maybe create some other kind of identification like a colored aura or an arrow in order to see who is on who's team. It is too hard to find out who's team someone is on without going right up to them and looking for the markings on the skins.

The last suggestion is that I think people's general speed should increase as their strength increases.

This game I think could almost turn out to be an RPG if you could strengthen your characters and save them in their "beefed" forms...