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Jan 17th, 2002, 08:32 PM
OK, my ideas haven't seen to much support lately, but i really think this is a good one.

For any of you who have played Obi-Wan, you might have come across fight scenes where time seems to slow and your char does impressive kung fu stunts. Now I'm not sure if this is true, I've only seen clips on reviews, but when i saw it i thought it would make a good melee system for ESF.

Basicly, what happens is if two fighters are not moving and are standing next to each other, they are in a fight circle. The fight begins with the first punch, the attacks in the fight circle moves in slow motion, the camera pans left or right so you see the two chars. While in the fight, your forward, back and strafe buttons take different actions. Down becomes block, forward moves your char forward to grab his enemy, the strafe buttons work as sidesteps. Kick is secondary and punch is primary, when pressed they deliver the same looking attacks as when fighting normally, however they can be used differently.

When down and kick are pressed at the same time, the player delivers a sweep which knocks your enemy to his feet, and when you press forwards and kick together your char delivers a roundhouse that disorintates the enemy for a few seconds. Forwards and punch deliver a more powerful side punch, while backwards and punch create an uppercut. These attacks are slower, easier to block and much easier to counter.

Blocking, dodging and countering becomes a lot more useful in the fight ring, because attacks move in slow motion you have time to think and choose your response. Blocking is the straight forward, backwards for the normal attacks. It also blocks low attacks, ones that come in high require you to use both forwards and backwards together.

Blocking only reduces damage, to completely avoid damage, the player must dodge. Dodging involves sidestepping, jumping and ducking. All punches and the normal kick can be sidestepped, however you cant duck or leap over them. Sweeping can only be dodged by jumping and a roundhouse can only be dodged by ducking.

Grabbing renders your opponent imombile. While he is like that you can only use punch or kick, the punch hiting your enemy in the head and your kick kneeing him in the stomach. Your char can only maintain the grip for a total of ten seconds. When the enemy presses backwards and forwards over and over, the time drops more quickly allowing the enemy to escape sooner. If both chars grab each other it becomes something of a power struggle that starts with the red line in the middle. By repeatedly pressing primary they send out energy in a huge aura that damages the enemy slowly as you get closer to winning. If the power struggle is lost then the enemy recieves a large amount of energy, the grip can easily be blocked but only when the the power struggle is equally matched can you draw away.

This is a very large and complex idea, probably very hard to code, I admit that someone could throw a beam at two fighting warriors but this happens anyway and if anything, it could make the arena fights look more realistic. So, post what you think, what the problems could be and whether you think it would good for ESF to have.

Jan 17th, 2002, 08:42 PM
How would you slow down time for just those guys in a multiplayer game? Plus, if a lag spike hit while you were in one of these fights, you'd find yourself in 3 grabs while you just kept hitting the wrong button, hoping to escape.

Personally, I'd just prefer perhaps a few different melee "weapons" (boxes under slot #1), and have attacks do a larger area of effect.

Plus, I'm sure people will say "too much like Dragon Mod Z" (wonder if they'll still say it now :)).

I like some of your ideas for moves (sweeps, easy blocks in melee) though.

Jan 17th, 2002, 09:01 PM
The slow down thing would only work for the two fighters, which is the problem. You would have to rely on the good will of players, and there are countless people out there willing to blow up someone caught in a powerstruggle to gain more lives, so it would happen with theses fights as well. However, you could have it so that when you toggle fly you would move back quickly, avoiding an incoming beam. And with the spike, I do know what your talking about, but the only thing I can say is it happens already and you do get killed by that sort of thing anyway.

The reason I thought of this was mainly because of the fight between Vegeta and Goku in the Majin Saga, my favourite fight from the begining of the series to the point that Vegeta sacrifices himself. They were sweeping, kicking, blocking and I thought it might be fun in ESF. However it would probably only work in an arena mode and I do admit that it might be better to just have different melee attacks.

Ah well, anymore responses? Ideas in how i could fix this for a future generation of DBZ mod creators? LOL.

Jan 17th, 2002, 10:03 PM
The slow down idea isn't bad, it's like bullet time from the Matrix or Max Payne. But it's just not feasable for multiplayer servers to limit the action to two people. The ESF team is designing a new melee system, including new animations. It seems like Blazer likes the idea of knock backs and if he can implement them, meteor attacks wouldn't be impossible. It's important to remember that this is an alpha. It's art in progress :devgrin:

Progress that hopefully has a release date sometime soon :yes:

Maybe? o_o

Please!!! :cry:

Jan 18th, 2002, 01:31 AM
What I meant was if I'm playing normal ESF and a lag spike hits, I find I can usually take random evasive action and survive it. In a precision combat that might be tougher, and if only I'm being slowed down that makes it more deadly: I react 2x lag slowness.

Actually, the slow down idea might work like that: you can leave the slow battle at will, but by participating you get more precision in your attacks. But melee would have to be pretty damaging to make it work: I could be killing two people with a Kamehameha, but instead I'm slowly pounding on one guy, and am unable to charge easily to boot.