View Full Version : Sense Pl

Feb 16th, 2002, 02:52 PM
u could add a sense comand so u can sense ur enemies by pressing a button and then the will be an arrow or something or the character could light up only in ur screen.

and the colors could be different ,colors that indicate the power of the enemie.

like orange color is prettty strong and other colors could indicate if its a ssj or a betta from of the char.

when u release the button the color fades and u can move again and u could maybe know the pos. of the enemie.

or u could use the scouter for indicating enemies power.
like in the cartoon the arrow will popup when u press the button and it will count the pl.
u should look around and wait a couple seconds so if u look at a character even if he is behind a mountain so only if u look at a enemie it will popup and starts counting power.