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Mar 14th, 2003, 12:15 AM
Comments please...

Contents: 3d studio max, bryce 3d, photoshop 7.0.
Decided to make some funky shapes with the torus and torus knot. I made some crystals as you can see.. It was colorized, but I decided to make it desaturated to allow more depth into the image. Thought was about 1 hr, decided to experiment, and was like hey...maybe I could use it as a sig..


Murdock Souljag
Mar 14th, 2003, 12:25 AM
i like that much more than ur current one. Very very nice.. Except, the text is kinda... unreadable and blah.

Mar 14th, 2003, 07:23 AM
so y is it that u dont ever use color?

Mar 14th, 2003, 07:49 AM
much better then ur current, I like this one!

grtz Naz

Big Kyle
Mar 14th, 2003, 08:15 AM
I love all your Work Tim


Mar 14th, 2003, 12:00 PM
I don't use color because I find b&w to have more depth than a colorized image. More of a emotional feel of it -- to me. That is all that matters.

Ty for the enjoyment of the image.

Mar 14th, 2003, 04:40 PM
I like it a lot, although I cant remember your current one :/

You seem to use black and white well, so keep using it.

Mar 14th, 2003, 04:47 PM
Look at my avatar, that was my CURRENT but now this one is my newest. My current was a man in the wind of a large storm. I liked that one as well. So thank you for your comment ryoko.