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Mar 19th, 2003, 11:34 PM
I was testing around trying to make a new sig, but didnt find what I wanted...and instead made this:

*Edit(2): Moved the image and tried to clear it up some..:
Edit(3): Cleared up the image and filled black space up:



Mar 20th, 2003, 12:06 AM
theres a face in there? i cant see it, seriously.

Mar 20th, 2003, 12:10 AM
Yeah, I'm trying to get it to appear, but the effect I made, wont let it come thru .... i'm still working with it.

Mar 20th, 2003, 01:51 AM
i can sort of see the face, it is a hell of alot better then mine

Mar 20th, 2003, 04:24 AM
Oh, now I can kind of see it, but it's still to faint.

Mar 20th, 2003, 11:38 AM
I think it's to black. the right side is to dark, all the rest is sweet.

Mar 20th, 2003, 11:41 AM
tim with an anime sig??? the world must be to an end :)

anyways it looks good the fx are nice, only how the pic is blended in could be better, I guess that u left that black part for ur name?

grtz Naz

Mar 20th, 2003, 04:03 PM
hmm.. i dont really like it.. the contrast is set too high and the face dissapears in it and makes your effect look worse..

i cant even see who it is..

Mar 20th, 2003, 06:41 PM
It's no anime you'd know if, and yes the black part is for a name.
Anime is alice in cyberspace..

I need to get that stupid image to pop up...arg...

Gonna update it in a sec..


Made a version of it for my friend Christy: