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Aug 17th, 2004, 09:27 AM
hiya i thought the game was only supposed to have people that could transform so im just asking the team, whats ginyu's transformation gonna be, because i remember you guys saying that the transformation cant just be "powered up" state. Great model btw

Super Bolt V2
Aug 17th, 2004, 09:30 AM
Probaly Genyu w/out a scouter O_o , Because like you said he has no real transformations.

Fire Phoenix
Aug 17th, 2004, 09:31 AM
Sure they can! Piccolo's trans is the same model :P just his pl is raised by 1.5x's (i think) So my guess would be just a powered up state

Aug 17th, 2004, 09:33 AM
Not for long piccolo isn't ^^; I'm guessing they'll add the whole goku outfit for one transformation.

Aug 17th, 2004, 09:39 AM
ginyu w/ scouter > goku > ginyu w/o scouter

Aug 17th, 2004, 09:46 AM
ginyu w/ scouter > goku > ginyu w/o scouter

or will it??




Aug 17th, 2004, 09:48 AM
lol, thats what i think how ginyu does do transforms OR ginyu > goku > bulma > frog =D

Aug 17th, 2004, 10:39 AM
hiya i thought the game was only supposed to have people that could transform

I said it before, and I'll say it again: ever seen Krillin transform in the show? ^_^

Aug 17th, 2004, 10:42 AM
he takes rogaine and grows hair, pretty cool transformation to me =D

Aug 17th, 2004, 11:06 AM
it should be

ginyu w/scouuter > goku with scouter > ginyu no scouter > frog


but really it should just be ginyu with scouter then without scouter.. one big transformation.. besides with body change, you will respawn as ginyu when u die right? rightttttt

The Nemesis
Aug 17th, 2004, 11:20 AM
I thought Piccolo's transformation was to represent him joining with Nail.

Aug 17th, 2004, 12:06 PM
Why should he be able to transform?

If he can switch bodies with SSJ3 Goku, who cares :P

Aug 17th, 2004, 12:15 PM
true his switching ability should be more than enough as a trans for me :p

Aug 17th, 2004, 12:22 PM
well in the series he only took over bulma , goku and a frog.

so maybe get the option to play as either one of them when you use the body attack ?
of course... you can leave the frog out of the option :-P
well maybe if the attack fails you can stay as a frog for like a minute and that way you'll be vulnerable . but you wont show up on the radar since frogs are like... not powerfull lol

The Taco Man
Aug 17th, 2004, 01:05 PM
body switch man, who needs transformations when you can body hop to the strongest character. Refer to my post on ginyu http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=45997

Aug 17th, 2004, 01:23 PM
ginyu > goku > bulma > frog =D

LOL the frog > you
Good luck seeing it comming ;o

Why should there be any issue about what hes gonna transform into o.O Just like piccolo a power up should do fine.