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Sep 5th, 2004, 08:22 AM
sup fellow lovers of DBZ, this is BlackieChan. some of ya might know me from some of the servers (yeah, i'm kinda good, but thats beside the point :) )

n e ways i just wanna say how stoked i is for 1.3. man bein able to transform to new lvls is something i've been waitin for for a VERY long time, and i've been keepin up with ESF for as long as i can remember first hearing about it. i just wanna put in my two cents and thank the creators of this mod. it makes alot of peeps happy, me included

Sep 5th, 2004, 08:32 AM
(yeah, i'm kinda good, but thats beside the point :) )

Rofl, Now that's special .

Sep 5th, 2004, 08:39 AM
Rofl, Now that's special .

Sardonic words are only subtley flaming. Allow me to give you a subtle warning. (As in be a little more respectful. Sure somebody makes large claims but what they say doesn't effect you in any way so in no way is retaliation justified. BTW, this isn't an official warning)

Sep 5th, 2004, 08:45 AM
lost and confused, but i'm glad some1 thinks i'm full of it already :). i know that i'm special now